Cerrito Iberico Cheese arrives to Encarnación

The Cerrito Iberico Cheese -which is made in the dairy plant of the Escuela Agrícola Cerrito (Cerrito Agricultural School)-, arrived just days ago to the city of Encarnación for its commercialization; thus, reaching the south part of the country. Encarnación is the capital city of the Department of Itapúa. In the beginning, the cheese will be sold in the “Superseis” chain of supermarkets which are all over the city, the oldest supermarket belonging to this chain is located on the Irrazábal Avenue, and the newest, in the area of the Costanera.

“This expansion is very important; to reach a city that has a very significant customer market and which is at its peak, represents a step forward towards the goal of making our product known,” says cheesemaker Ricardo Negrete, who is in charge of the elaboration of the Iberico cheese. Reaching such an important city was possible by means of a proposal made to the Supply Manager of the aforementioned supermarket chain, which already sells the cheese in Asunción. (more…)

The Tapyta Community already has electric power

1Bunge Paraguay and Fundación Paraguaya completed the installation of 48 solar panels in order to provide electric power to the families of the Tapyta community in Caazapa, who will be able to use this resource for the first time.

The service was formally inaugurated during an event held on January 20, which was attended by local authorities and representatives of the community. This initiative is part of the Iluminando Vidas Program (“Illuminating Lives” Program) that Bunge Paraguay is carrying out and through which in 2016 it was possible to provide renewable electric energy to 40 families and one school of communities of indigenous peoples from Ñande Yvy Pave (Peguaho’i) and Pai Tavytera (Hugua Ñandú). (more…)

Microfranchising Forums in Carapeguá and San Antonio

In January, two new Microfranchising Forums were developed for clients of Fundación Paraguaya – and interested people in general. The first of them, took place on Tuesday 17, in the Municipal Hall of the city of Carapeguá, with 70 attendee ladies; and a few days later, on Friday 20, in the Municipal Square of San Antonio, where 130 people participated. This last forum had the support of the Municipality of the city of San Antonio.

The objective of these forums is to consolidate and expand micro-franchises locally, as well as to create and strengthen opportunities in which to develop marketing strategies, and to make known the micro-franchises that will be commercialized in the respective influence areas. For that reason, forums will continue to be developed in the following months, in various cities of the country. The attendees to these last two forums were women from the areas and cities closer to the place of the events. (more…)

Entrepreneurial Women Showed Their Talents in a Singing Competition

IMG_3789 Under the premise of motivating the clients of Fundación Paraguaya through various competitions, the artistic competition called “Cantan las emprendedoras” (The entrepreneurs sing) was carried out at the end of 2016, the women members of the Women’s Committees were the protagonists of such a competition. Many cities of the country showed their more artistic side through singing.

The event was held at the Event Hall of the National Secretariat of Sports, with the presence of 150 people who attended the event for encouraging the artists. Women from Luque, Encarnación, Caacupé, Lambaré, Paraguarí, Villarrica, Pilar and Coronel Oviedo attended as well, singing typical songs of our land, such as “Mujer Paraguaya”, “Itapuá Poty”, “Galopera”, “Paraguaya Linda”,”Ne Porâ Che Paraguay” among others. (more…)

Award Ceremony for Teachers, Supervisors and Principals of the School Enterprise Challenge

Premiación docentes - concurso escuela emprendedoraThrough the area of ​​Entrepreneurial Education, Fundación Paraguaya carried out the School Enterprise Challenge, which is a program that offers assistance and technical support for teachers and students in order to establish real school companies, helping to develop key business and entrepreneurial skills in a practical and fun way so they can generate extra income for their schools, improving educational quality, or supporting some social cause.

The program was extended during much of 2016, culminating in November with the award ceremony of the Entrepreneur’s Gala of Fundación Paraguaya. Later, the awards were given to the teachers, supervisors and managers who won the School Enterprise Challenge at departmental level, at an event held at the main office of the institution. The winners won a notebook each and a certificate of recognition for the work done and accompaniment given during the year 2016. (more…)

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