Fundación Paraguaya and Sallustro sign an interinstitutional agreement

Fundación Paraguaya and Sallustro & CIA signed a cooperation agreement, under which the recognized clothing and footwear brand will be part of the organization’s microfranchising program. The company will open a new distribution channel of its products to the market with this launch; and will expand its sales force, especially reaching those places and clients of the main cities of the central department that were usually out of reach.

As part of this program and focused on the mission of pooling resources that will generate opportunities for Paraguayan families, Fundación Paraguaya and Sallustro & CIA seek not only a strong social impact, but also market penetration and profitability for both institutions, using the micro-franchise business model carried out by Fundación Paraguaya with various companies from different sectors, and whose main characteristics are low investment, which are replicable and sustainable and that can generate possibilities of increase and diversification in income in the families of entrepreneurs who choose microfranchises. (more…)

International Workshop on Microfranchises

Fundación Paraguaya held the first international conference on microfranchises, with the support of IDB / MIF, at the Sheraton Hotel in Asunción. The event was called “Making the impact of microfranchises and inclusive distribution networks grow in Latin America and the Caribbean”, and had a select group of national and international speakers who addressed different topics.

“We are honored to have all of you here to share this day where we will exchange experiences and learn from each other by publicizing the success stories of this business model throughout our region,” said Luis Fernando Sanabria, General Manager of Fundación Paraguaya, who opened the event. (more…)

“My family success” Forum for women entrepreneurs

Under the agreement between the United States Embassy and the Fundación Paraguaya, a forum called “My Family Success” was held, as part of the “Juntas emprendemos” (“Together We Undertake”) program, at the Multipurpose Room of the UPAP. About 150 people participated in the event, all of them beneficiaries of the training workshops on entrepreneurship and business plan carried out by Fundación Paraguaya.

The objective of the forum was to provide a space to develop topics on prevention of gender violence and financial education, in an environment of relaxation and trust, interaction and learning. (more…)

Entrepreneurs participated in a Workshop on Microfranchises

On Wednesday, July 12, in the VIP Hall of the Pavilion of the Industrial Union of Paraguay, at the expo of Mariano Roque Alonso, the workshop on Microfranchises called “Business with social value”, was held for entrepreneurs of various sectors. This meeting aimed at showing and making public the project of microfranchises to the people who was there, thought as a business opportunity that is beneficial to position the brand in the market and expand the sales network, without making a great investment and with a strong social impact .

Among other things, the workshop presented the work of Fundación Paraguaya in its quest to eliminate poverty in our country, by using tools so that the people themselves can overcome their needs. In that sense, the workshop focused mainly on the microfranchises project and the opportunities they can offer to entrepreneurs if they are part of it. With microfranchises, more than 7,000 families of women entrepreneurs managed to overcome their poverty level, and successfully undertook various businesses. (more…)

Launch of the Forum of Entrepreneurs 2017, “Generation E”, in the stand of the Expo

Fundación Paraguaya launched this past Wednesday, July 12, the Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay 2017, “Generation E”, in its stand of the Expo, in Mariano Roque Alonso. The Forum will be held in two editions, on August 18 and 19 at the Hotel de Belén, in the Department of Concepción, and the second on September 22, 23 and 24 at the Hotel Cerrito in the city of Benjamín Aceval, for the18th year in a row.

The FEP (for its acronym in Spanish) became the country’s most traditional young entrepreneurs’ meetings, a space for reflection and interaction. This year it is expected to have 300 participants between the ages of 15 and 23, in order to develop and enhance their skills through lectures, simultaneous talks, entrepreneurship, challenges, a thematic and talent night, among other things. (more…)

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