Launch of the “Stoplight Olympics”

Fundación Paraguaya launched on the morning of Tuesday, April 17, the “Stoplight Olympics”, an event that is based on the Poverty Stoplight methodology, which seeks to eliminate the multidimensional poverty of Paraguayan families. This year, the Olympics has the support of the CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) and Personal.

The Stoplight Olympics Contest is a group competition, in which young people of school age conduct a survey of the current situation of their families, to then implement good practices and attitudes that generate positive habits and changes in behavior to eliminate multidimensional poverty, not only in their families, but also in the educational community, being the young people themselves that generate learning and the aptitudes to be the promoters of their way out of poverty. (more…)

The success of entrepreneurs is to benefit their community

In our self-sustainable schools of Fundación Paraguaya, a transformation happens to the young people. In addition to learning to be independent and responsible for themselves, acquire skills and knowledge to be employable or create their own employment, our young people become respectable entrepreneurial citizens because they can contribute to their community and their country.

When students enter the school, many of them only manage to answer the questions in monosyllables, with “Yes”, “No”, “Huh?”. They look at the floor, and put their backs attached to the wall like chameleons trying to go unnoticed. But, with the passing of the months and the help of the teachers, the young people already lift their chins with a look of confidence, answer with complete sentences and look curiously to interact with the visitors who come to their schools. They graduate with plans and dreams to get ahead, but they do not want to do it alone. Their success is linked to the success of their families. Upon graduation, it is up to them to give everything they received at school to other people in their communities. They are the new citizens of Paraguay, young entrepreneurs who have something to give to their neighbor. (more…)

Round table between directors and representatives of educational institutions in Cerrito

A few days ago, a round table was held with directors and representatives of educational institutions of the Cerrito community, including indigenous and non-indigenous schools of the community. This took place within the framework of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative, which we are carrying out with the Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development (STP), through the AROVIA volunteer program; where, apart from the work carried out by the volunteers, the cooperation of students from the Worcester Polytechnic University – WPI is currently being received. The event was in charge of the Fundación Paraguaya and the students of the WPI and was hosted by the Cerrito Agricultural School.

The objective of the round table was to know and strengthen the use of technologies to improve student learning in the classroom, as well as create a technological community in schools, taking advantage of existing resources and generating new learning opportunities with the use of technologies. In addition, teachers can develop lessons more dynamically, changing the teaching methodology by taking advantage of available technologies. (more…)

The Poverty Stoplight was introduced to businessmen

The Director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martin Burt, introduced a few days ago in a conversation held at the Paraguayan-American Chamber of Commerce, the Poverty Stoplight to the members of that organization, businessmen from various sectors who are looking for new ways to fight this scourge within their own institutions.

In Paraguay, there are more than 100 local businesses that have already implemented the Poverty Stoplight with their collaborators, replicating it in 15 countries of the world, being considered by the United Nations as one of the sustainable solutions for the world. (more…)

Fundación Paraguaya signed an agreement with the Banco Nacional de Fomento

A few days ago, an agreement was signed between Fundación Paraguaya and Banco Nacio­nal de Fomento (BNF, for its acronym in Spanish) for the implementation of the Poverty Stoplight among the employees of this entity. The purpose of this alliance is to enhance the human talent that is part of the bank, through the development of training.

The agreement was signed by the president of the BNF, Carlos Pereira Olmedo; and its General Manager, Ricardo Echauri Brizuela; while from Fundación Paraguaya, its Executive Director, Martín Burt, signed it. (more…)

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