Fundación Paraguaya signed a mutual cooperation agreement with Universidad del Pacífico

Fundación Paraguaya signed a new cooperation agreement with the Universidad del Pacífico, which aims to initiate a process of university internships for the students of said university in our organization. These internships will be related to the curricular proposal of the University and that can be effectively profitable, both for the students and for Fundación Paraguaya.

This way, the students of the Universidad del Pacífico will be able to incorporate skills and attitudes linked to real situations in the world of work and to make viable -through the Fundación Paraguaya,- complementary internships to their academic training that will enrich the curricular proposal of the career they are taking. On the other hand, it will be sought that interns can contribute to the growth and management of Fundación Paraguaya. Students from the seventh semester of the courses of Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting and Audiovisual Communication will be taken into account for the quotas. (more…)

How to end poverty in Paraguay in the short term

There will not be any families living in poverty in Paraguay: that must be the slogan of the Government, the private sector and society. With each sector of society doing its part and only 8,000 family extension agents (who already exist) supporting 200 families each, it will be able to reach the 1.6 million families in the country and eliminate multidimensional poverty in Paraguay in a period of 5 years . The reasoning is as follows:

We must applaud the economic growth of recent years. It is documented that productive jobs created by the private sector are responsible for the reduction of poverty in the countryside and the city. The problem we still have is that this prosperity is not shared by a quarter of the country’s population. Monetary poverty is stagnant at 26% and some 350,000 people starve. Our horsemen of the apocalypse ride on the low educational level of our young people, the growing insecurity, the massive rural-urban exodus and the precariousness of the settlements among others. (more…)

Open call for Youth Ambassadors Paraguay 2019

Fundación Paraguaya has officially opened the call for its Youth Ambassadors program, one of the exchange programs of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the Department of State of the United States. In our country, the program has the support of the Embassy of the United States, and Friends of the Americas.

Each year, 15 participants from all over the country are selected, who receive a full scholarship to conduct a cultural exchange in the United States. The selected ones are 13 young people between the ages of 15 and 17, and 2 mentors who are 21 years old and older, who during the exchange will represent Paraguay and will participate in leadership training, social entrepreneurship and community project development. (more…)

The Poverty Stoplight attends an international panel

Fundación Paraguaya participated in an important global meeting on poverty, the panel called New ways to analyze poverty, in the city of Washington, United States, introducing the Poverty Stoplight, this time, being represented by Fernando Pfannl, Consultant of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight Initiative. The objective of the meeting was to discuss innovative tools for the elimination of poverty in the world, including the methodology of the Poverty Stoplight for the Elimination of Poverty.

Important international leaders took part from the panel organized by the World Bank, as well as leaders in poverty issues, among them; the President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim; Michelle Fleury, BBC correspondent on economic issues; Jamie Drummond, Executive Director and Co-Founder of ONE; Shahra Ragazi, Head of Research and Data Analysis of UN Women, and Axel van Trotsenburg, Vice President of Financing for the Development of the World Bank. (more…)

Horticulture course in Cerrito

Within the framework of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative, and with a large number of participants, the first organic vegetable garden training was carried out at the Cerrito Agricultural School for the participating families of the “Semillero del future” program. The training, which aimed at expanding opportunities in health, food safety, as well as empowering approximately 125 artisan families of 5 Women’s Committees of the town of Cerrito, had Professor Amalio Enciso as the lecturer, who is Vice-Director of the Agricultural School.

The participating families already have their vegetable gardens, all of them received organic seeds provided by the Agricultural School, as well as having the technical support of the field agents of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative for the installation of their vegetable gardens. In addition to this training, the program of activities also plans to conduct technical visits to the farms in the coming weeks, when learning will be deepened, in addition to the delivery of organic fertilizers according to the type of crop and amount of soil cultivated by each family. (more…)

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