Alliance between Fundación Paraguaya and Fortaleza

Signing of the FP – Fortaleza SA agreement. The Fundación Paraguaya recently signed an alliance with Fortaleza SA, an agreement consisting of the self-sustaining schools providing corporate gifts to the aforementioned company for their new investors who enter the brick savings and investment system. The corporate gifts will be elaborated by the students of the schools and provided to the real estate company through the signed agreement.

The alliance, among other things, seeks to cooperate and support the self-sustaining schools of the Fundación Paraguaya. The alliance was sealed with the signatures of the Sales Director of Fortaleza SA, Francisco Gómez; and the CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt. The agreement consists in purchasing corporate gifts that contain the products made by the students of the agricultural schools of the Fundación Paraguaya which are: Cerrito, Belén and San Pedro. (more…)

Training of the “Companies without poverty” program

Little by little, there are more companies that join the “Companies without poverty” program, which we carry out together with the ADEC (Christian Businessmen Association). Thus, a few days ago, these new organizations participated in the meeting held at the ADEC, as part of the “Companies without poverty” program, those companies were: Casa Grutter, Mayer Lab, Vidriocar, Caja de Jubilados Bancarios, Vima, and Teisa, the latter is a participant company since last year.

The trainings take place every two months and last two and a half days; in them, the companies that are part of the Network and enter as new companies, assign 2 collaborators, normally from the areas of HR, CSR or Organizational Development to be the main link with Fundación Paraguaya and who will take the program forward in their respective organizations. (more…)

Training of The Company and The Cooperative Programs of Junior Achievement

Days ago, the first day of the training of The Company and The Cooperative programs of Junior Achievement was carried out, represented in our country by the Fundación Paraguaya. These programs aim to motivate innovative thinking in order to train young entrepreneurs, through the introduction to the business world through the creation of ventures, while exploring and improving their career aspirations.

The training was held at the Tom Jobim Theater of the Brazilian Embassy and was aimed at adolescents, students from various schools that are part of the aforementioned programs that reach out to young people thanks to the support of companies that are committed to entrepreneurship and financial education in Paraguay, including Equifax, Visión Banco and Fundación Itaú. (more…)

Eyeglasses Donation to the Cerrito Community

At the end of May, the international “Cerrito 2018” meeting took place, which brought together several leaders and experts to talk about social innovation and technology for poverty elimination. The work that is being carried out in Cerrito with indigenous and non-indigenous communities through the Poverty Stoplight methodology was shown among the activities of the meeting. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to visit the community and see the tasks carried out, the indicators that were worked on and the priorities of the families.

Among the visitors was Mr. J. Kevin White, of the Global Vision 2020 organization, who found that some residents were having vision problems, so he decided to donate 125 eyeglasses that were distributed according to the reds and yellows detected by the Poverty Stoplight, under the “healthy teeth and eyesight” indicator. (more…)

First Aid Talk in Cerrito

Continuing with the activities carried out within the framework of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative, a talk was organized at the Cerrito Agricultural School in order to train, share knowledge and give support to the health centers of the area, by training in first aid for any incidents that may occur, in addition to teaching skills through practical classes, so as to act in case of accidents.

The talks and practical classes were given by the members of the Fire Department of the city of Presidente Hayes, and by the students of the Colegio Técnico en Salud (Health Technical College.) Nurses and leaders of the Qom community attended, so did the teachers and students of the school, coordinators and volunteers of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative. (more…)

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