Poverty Stoplight Declared of Institutional Interest by Ministry of Labor

Guillermo Sosa, Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security, speaking during the Cerrito 2017 session.

Recently, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security declared Fundación Paraguaya’s Poverty Stoplight of institutional interest, as it is an instrument used to detect, reduce and eliminate poverty in the Republic of Paraguay.

The Ministry’s objective -within the Sustainable Development Goals,- is to eliminate poverty in all its forms; therefore, it wants to implement adequate systems and measures to achieve broad coverage of the most vulnerable population. (more…)

“Education That Pays For Itself 2017” starts this week

In a rapidly changing world, how do we best educate young people for a future none of us can predict? One thing we can be sure of, is that success in the 21st century will require young people to leave school with a range of transferable skills and personal qualities  – leadership, problem-solving, communication, creativity, confidence, aspiration, resilience, an entrepreneurial mindset and more – to allow them to take advantage of new opportunities, or to create their own. (more…)

First National Fair of Entrepreneurial Institutions

Fundación Paraguaya, through its entrepreneurial education area, held the first “Expo Feria Nacional de Instituciones Emprendedoras” (First National Fair of Entrepreneurial Institutions), corresponding to the School Enterprise Challenge. The event was held at the Shopping San Lorenzo, starting early and finishing by noon.

It was an enriching day, not only in the pedagogical aspect, but in the whole scope of the teaching and learning process in children and young people of our country. Educational institutions from the capital and the 17 departments participated, all of them had a space to present and share the experiences acquired in the implementation of their school enterprises, in their respective communities. (more…)

Paraguay Does Not Only Exports Meat and Soybeans to the World

From our country, we are not oblivious to what happens in the world; we read, we see, we get informed and are expectant to see how -or in what way- we can be agents of change in more distant places as well. In Mexico, 53 million 400 thousand people are living in poverty throughout the country, which represents 43.6% of the total population; 9 million 400 thousand people are in extreme poverty (in the whole country) which is the 7.6% of the population, and 2 million 434 thousand people live in poverty, only in the capital. These data were published in 2016 by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy.

I know things are very bad in the whole world, but what do we do to solve them? We can carry on with the negative data, but today I would like to talk about people who do not shy away from these numbers, people who take action because they do not conform to the status quo and become protagonists to eliminate poverty. (more…)

Eight Local Partners Meet at Fundación Irradia´s Annual Conference

Fundación Irradia recently hosted its annual conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina (October 2017). With a focus on innovation, environment, nutrition and education, Fundación Irradia aims to foster citizen participation as a means to strengthen the path towards development in Latin America. Consequently, it is currently piloting the Poverty Stoplight with 8 grassroot organizations around Argentina, and starting in 2018 will become a Poverty Stoplight hub for the country.

In addition to gathering with all the local partners, the conference was attended by the Poverty Stoplight manager, Eduardo Gustale. Along with other speakers, Ciro Echesortu, founder, presented Fundacion Irradia’s three years of work and the organization´s strategic focus for the future.


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