Entrepreneurs gathered to create solutions to poverty in “Cerrito 2017”

Fundación Paraguaya organized the meeting called “Cerrito 2017”, a space that brought together the main business leaders, business employees, national government authorities and international guests, who sought to promote the consolidation of a more efficient and close ecosystem in the strategies of elimination of multidimensional poverty in the country. The meeting was supported by the Social Innovation Initiative of CAF (Latin American Development Bank) and the Association of Christian Entrepreneurs (ADEC, in Spanish).

  • 3 international hubs attended
  • 1600 views on Facebook live

To this meeting, attended 160 participants from 60 companies participating in the “Poverty Stoplight for Businesses” and “Businesses without Poverty” programs, both based on the methodology of the Poverty Stoplight of Fundación Paraguaya, which is a social innovation that is already being replicated in several countries of the world. In addition, experiences were shared by representatives of various government agencies: the Technical Secretariat for Planning, the National Secretariat for Housing and Habitat, the National Service of Professional Promotion, the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. (more…)

Public Spaces Embellished by Committees of Women

Fundación Paraguaya carried out the second edition of the “I Care For My Environment” Contest, which is a competition between Committees of Women Entrepreneurs whose purpose was for women to contribute to the improvement of public spaces in their community or neighborhood through self-management, during a certain period of time. The aim of this contest was to encourage a healthy competition that would bring awareness about the management and care required by the environment that surrounds us.

Twenty-four Committees participated in the contest, distributed in several cities of the country where Fundación Paraguaya has its offices, of which 20 reached the goal, reaching to 360 families who became involved. Each Committee had to submit the “before” photograph and, after the cleaning and beautification process, to show the “after” image, along with information on the implemented actions. During the time the competition lasted, the participants received the support of their committee advisors. (more…)

The story of Sígmar Nwogole, from Kumbili Village

What would happen if we woke up one day and realized we have nothing left to lose? That we live in a moor where not even hopes grow anymore? That the community in which we grew up does not even have water and to get it, we must walk about 3 kilometers to the nearest river infested with crocodiles?; That if something grows between the weeds it will serve as food for a couple of days? When I thought about repeating the same story of my parents and their parents before them, I suddenly found an answer and I clung to it with all the strength that I still had. This is the story of my life, and of some people from a faraway country called Paraguay.

I’m Sigean Nwogole from the Kumbili Village, Tanzania, East Africa. I arrived at the Professional College of Njombe on a cold morning in 2012, with a lifeless gaze and my stomach crunching with hunger for I had not eaten anything for several days. I had heard what the priest of the local chapel said on a Sunday about a new boarding school aimed at providing financial education to its students while completing secondary school bringing a new type of education developed in Paraguay and with the presence of some white people of that country. Actually, what I wanted was to eat; I would only then find out what Paraguay and such financial education were about. (more…)

Fundación Paraguaya signs agreement with the Technical Secretariat of Planning to implement the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight

The Fundación Paraguaya, following its interagency initiatives to replicate the Poverty Stoplight, recently signed a public – private partnership with the Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development Planning (STP, in Spanish), within the framework of the National Professional Volunteer Program and Civic Service , AROVIA Paraguay. The agreement was signed by Minister José Molinas for the public entity, and the General Manager of Fundación Paraguaya, Luis Fernando Sanabria.

The partnership, called “Cerrito Poverty Stoplight Initiative”, aims at eliminating extreme poverty in the aforementioned low Chaco town, about 46 kilometers from the capital city. Specifically, this project seeks to enable all Cerrito families, approximately 900 families in total, to overcome multidimensional poverty based on the application of the Poverty Stoplight methodology. (more…)

Initiative Cerrito Poverty Stoplight

Cerrito Poverty Stoplight is a new public-private partnership between Fundación Paraguaya, the Public-Private Council for the Reduction of Extreme Poverty and the Sowing Opportunities Program of the Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development Planning (STP, in Spanish), through the AROVIA volunteer program.

Through this initiative, Fundación Paraguaya seeks to select 4 (four) university professionals who will serve as volunteer field agents and will commit to living and working for a year with the community of Cerrito in the district of Benjamín Aceval, department of Presidente Hayes. They will carry out various community works related to the elimination of multidimensional poverty within the framework of the Poverty Stoplight.

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