Microfranchises Training reach Paraguarí and Ybycuí

Fundación Paraguaya is moving forward with the organization of Microfranchising Workshops for women entrepreneurs. Two more meetings were held in March, one in the city of Paraguarí, with the participation of more than 100 participants; and the second one was held in Ybicuí, where despite the bad weather, a cozy atmosphere was experienced, with women and young students from schools in the area participating as the main actors. In Paraguarí, the venue was the Municipal Hall, and in Ybicuí, the chosen venue was the Town’s Sport Centre.

These meetings are being carried out so that the women, clients or not of Fundación Paraguaya, can learn the business model of microfranchises, which are simple job opportunities that have already shown very good results since 2012, which is when it started to have the support of the IDB/MIF.

During these workshops, the entrepreneurs participated from product displays,   exchange of experiences, prize draws, recreational moments and motivational talks given by the sales and motivational specialist, Guillermo Scappinni.

In addition, these workshops have been developing the spaces called “Sentí Que Se Puede – Barrio” (Feel it is Possible – Neighborhood), where some local successful women tell their life stories and how they had to overcome obstacles in order to be able to undertake. “I told myself that I could overcome my obstacles and be really productive,” said Martha Argüello, entrepreneur from Paraguarí, who even with 5 children was able to succeed. “We do not have to stay still and not do anything, we must move forward and reach our goals,” said Lucía Machuca from the city of Ybicuí.

“We want you to take advantage of these opportunities so that you are the protagonists of a positive change in your lives”, was the message of Cinthia Vera, Subcoordinator of the Microfranchising Program of the Fundación Paraguaya, for the participants.

The current microfranchises that the program has are: Kit de Huertas, Helados Doña Ana, Only (sale of jeans and t-shirts), Pituka (bijouterie), Narella (sale of clothes by catalogs), Nutrihuevos, Kit de Limpieza, Vision Spring (Reading glasses), PMG Gigot (perfumes and cosmetics), and Sael (silver jewelry and surgical steel).

Fundación Paraguaya developed several workshops in cities such as Mariano Roque Alonso, Luque, Villa Hayes, Carapeguá, San Antonio, Itá, Ñemby, and the aforementioned Paraguarí and Ybicuí. In addition, there are still places to visit such as San Lorenzo and Caacupé, in addition to giving a major regional workshop in the capital city.

Fundación Paraguaya at the self-employment fair with the microfranchises program

Fundación Paraguaya was at the recent self-employment fair held at the General Directorate of Employment, where 13 companies participated with a turnout of approximately 500 people. At the event, it was on display the microfranchising program that Fundación Paraguaya is carrying out with the support of the IDB / MIF.

The event was held jointly with the Ministry of Labor, which represented a new strategic alliance to promote the microfranchises that the Fundación has. “It is the first time we do this kind of events, we understand it is a way of linking many people who want to be participants in this type of sales and business,” said Vanessa Flecha, Microfranchises Sub-coordinator. (more…)

Fundación Paraguaya and Citymarket sign a Cooperation Partnership

Fundación Paraguaya and Citymarket signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday March 1st, which will last for the next 12 months and will govern upon the signing of the contract. The chain of minimarkets called “Citymarket” is a company formed by domestic and foreign shareholders and investors who started the project in June of 2014 by opening the first 6 branches, focused on a market model of convenience stores or neighborhood shops. The shops are mainly located in Asuncion and Gran Asuncion, although it also has 2 branches in Coronel Oviedo and 1 in Villa Hayes; today, it has 46 stores and continues with a strong expansion plan.

Citymarket will implement the “Poverty Stoplight Program for Businesses”, which is a methodology carried out by Fundación Paraguaya together with several companies that use this metric with their collaborators. Based on the results, the business -in this case, Citymarket-, will be able to elaborate a work plan for the improvement of the priority indicators, always with the assistance of Fundación Paraguaya. (more…)

Workshops For Entrepreneurs and “Sentí Que Se Puede” in Your Neighborhood

Continuing with the workshops for entrepreneurs that are part of the “Microfranchising Development for low-income microentrepreneurs” program carried out by Fundación Paraguaya with the support of the MIF (Multilateral Investment Fund – member of the IDB group), two more workshops were developed in February; the first one in the city of Itá, in the Plaza de la Laguna; and, the second one in the Plaza Fulgencio R. Moreno, of the city of Ñemby, both aimed at clients of the organization, as well as anyone who was interested in participating from them.

In addition, on both occasions “Sentí Que Se Puede” (Feel it is possible) was experienced in the neighborhood, which is a space that seeks to empower communities based on success stories of its entrepreneurs, with 10minute talks, testimonies of its leaders and referents of each neighborhood who share their inspiring stories. Also, it seeks to create links and build trust between neighbors and neighborhoods, companies and institutions, while providing practical solutions that break the formal and structured presentation scheme. (more…)

Fundación Paraguaya, HYDROMAQ and CAPA sign cooperation agreement

Fundación Paraguaya, HYDROMAQ and CAPA signed a mutual cooperation agreement among the three organizations. CAPA is the Paraguayan Association of Water (Association of water companies), whereas HYDROMAQ is an entity of the Perforagua group that has more than 40 years of international experience (Paraguay – Argentina) in the capturing of groundwater and is an authorized agent of Fundación Paraguaya since 2 months ago.

This agreement is important for Fundación Paraguaya because it represents the search for new agents between the water companies of CAPA and the clients of HYDROMAQ; which in turn will offer its products to the CAPA partners and the clients of Fundación Paraguaya at a special price, financing the products of CAPA at a preferential rate. On the other hand, CAPA will promote the figure of Agents of Fundación Paraguaya among its associates, at the same time that they will promote the products of HYDROMAQ. (more…)

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