Signing of an Agreement with Fundación Saraki

Fundación Paraguaya and Fundación Saraki, recently signed a mutual cooperation agreement, from which they will carry out joint initiatives that promote inclusion between both institutions. Both Executive Directors  signed the agreement: PhD. Martín Burt, on behalf of Fundación Paraguaya, and Mr. Raúl Montiel, on behalf of Fundación Saraki.

The purpose of this agreement, which will initially be valid for 6 months, is to establish cooperation and assistance mechanisms to promote and develop self-employment opportunities that increase the access of low-income people with disabilities to financial services, through the microfranchise program of the Fundación Paraguaya.

The  Fundación Saraki will identify, train and monitor the beneficiaries of the self-employment program, in specific areas for the management and administration of micro new ventures, resulting from the organization’s database. At the same time, it will provide the adaptations and reasonable adjustments that will enable the success of the projects, such as: sign language interpreters that support the training processes for the micro-franchises, which will be dictated by specialists from the Fundación Paraguaya.

For its part, Fundación Paraguaya will support access to micro-franchise program products, including the assistance of credit counselors, who will accompany the 150 beneficiaries with training in the planning and implementation of the microfranchise projects.

Also, beneficiaries who require support for the acquisition of micro-franchise kits may receive loans from Fundación Paraguaya to obtain them.