Indigenous’ Day Celebration with several activities

An amazing day was recently experienced, as part of the celebration of the Day of the American Indian in the community of Qom Cerriteños, in Cerrito, Paraguayan Chaco, with several activities and improvements within the aforementioned community. The event was attended by volunteers from the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative, as well as students from the WPI, who collaborated closely with the work carried out.

On the occasion, a cultural and community day was held; also, the new water compressor was enabled, which will supply water to 30 families in the area; also, an environmental clean-up and garbage collection were carried out in groups, with the participation of more than 80 families. Other improvements were that of the access road to the community, with support from the Municipality of Benjamín Aceval, and the authorization of the soccer field of the local team that competes in the League of the aforementioned city. The group of elders of the community sang during the celebrations, and there were typical indigenous dances.

With the Poverty Stoplight, and in conversation with the indigenous leaders of the community, several priorities of the families of the area were identified, such as access to water, clandestine dumps, lack of garbage collection, as well as improvements in the soccer field. With the support of the volunteers and the young students of the WPI, the improvements were made, seeking to solve the problems raised.

The objective was the improvement in the quality of life with access to water, healthy environment, a soccer field (“canchita”) as a recreational space for sports and for the promotion of the integration and participation of the children of the area, knowledge of their rights and their culture, that the same time, that they have notions of self-care, prevention of violence and respect for the environment.

Those who participated in the activities were: Community leaders, students of the WPI, volunteers from the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative, representatives of the Fundación Paraguaya, among them, its Executive Director, Martín Burt, as well as children, mothers and families of the Qom Cerriteños community.