Cerrito 2018 will bring together experts on poverty elimination

Fundación Paraguaya, with the support of the Social Innovation Initiative CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) and IDRC Canada, is organizing for the second consecutive year, the event called “Cerrito 2018”, which will bring together business leaders, important guides from the public sector, civil society, companies, social entrepreneurs and international leaders, in an event that aims to be and consolidate itself as a space for the creation of innovations and strategies for the elimination of multidimensional poverty in the country. The scheduled dates are from Tuesday, May 22 to Thursday 24.

The general goal is to position the Fundación Paraguaya as a guide at the national level for the elimination of poverty, in addition to locating the event as a reference in issues of global social innovation and elimination of poverty, and making the Poverty Stoplight tool known, a social innovation that is already being replicated in several countries of the world. The participation of approximately 160 people is expected.

Among the speakers of the event will be Martin Burt, Director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Ana Botero of the CAF, Michael Walton of the Harvard Kennedy, Raúl Gauto, President of Together for Education, Brett Sandres of the UCI (University of California – Irvine), Soledad Núñez, Minister of SENAVITAT, Chritopher Rebstock, of the Global FoodBanking Network, and Gustavo Koo, of Las Tacuaras SA, among others.

The main scenario of the event will be the landscape provided by the Hotel Cerrito of the Fundación Paraguaya.