Meyer Lab will implement the Poverty Stoplight

More and more companies are implementing the Poverty Stoplight, the tool of social innovation that is changing the lives of many families within Paraguay and also abroad. In that sense, an agreement was signed days ago between the Fundación Paraguaya and Meyer Lab, so that the employees of this organization can improve their quality of life.

This agreement began to take effect in June, and will last for one year. It is estimated that approximately 130 employees of Meyer Lab are the beneficiaries, all within the framework of the Poverty Stoplight in Businesses program of the Fundación Paraguaya.

The agreement was signed by the following: Luis Fernando Sanabria, General Manager, on behalf of Fundación  Paraguaya; and Paulo Diaz Meyer, Managing Director, on behalf of Meyer Lab. “As an organization, it makes us very happy that more companies are joining the Poverty Stoplight, that they are interested in the well-being of their employees, so that, together, we can improve the quality of life of Paraguayans,” said Luis Fernando Sanabria.