First Aid Talk in Cerrito

Continuing with the activities carried out within the framework of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative, a talk was organized at the Cerrito Agricultural School in order to train, share knowledge and give support to the health centers of the area, by training in first aid for any incidents that may occur, in addition to teaching skills through practical classes, so as to act in case of accidents.

The talks and practical classes were given by the members of the Fire Department of the city of Presidente Hayes, and by the students of the Colegio Técnico en Salud (Health Technical College.) Nurses and leaders of the Qom community attended, so did the teachers and students of the school, coordinators and volunteers of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative.

On this day, in addition to expanding the knowledge on first aid and applying it in necessary cases, it also served as a means to create awareness and interest in the participants of the activities that have to do with the prevention of accidents.