Eyeglasses Donation to the Cerrito Community

At the end of May, the international “Cerrito 2018” meeting took place, which brought together several leaders and experts to talk about social innovation and technology for poverty elimination. The work that is being carried out in Cerrito with indigenous and non-indigenous communities through the Poverty Stoplight methodology was shown among the activities of the meeting. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to visit the community and see the tasks carried out, the indicators that were worked on and the priorities of the families.

Among the visitors was Mr. J. Kevin White, of the Global Vision 2020 organization, who found that some residents were having vision problems, so he decided to donate 125 eyeglasses that were distributed according to the reds and yellows detected by the Poverty Stoplight, under the “healthy teeth and eyesight” indicator.

When the donation was given, the representative of the organization trained one of the volunteers of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative to carry out the vision test, which in turn trained other volunteers to be able to give the eyeglasses to the people who were in most need, to finally, turn the aforementioned indicator to green.

“Three of the most outstanding aspects of this activity were the satisfaction of the people receiving the donation, being able to solve a problem within the dimensions of the Poverty Stoplight, and establishing relations with international organizations,” explained Ada Sachelaridi, volunteer of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative.