Training of The Company and The Cooperative Programs of Junior Achievement

Days ago, the first day of the training of The Company and The Cooperative programs of Junior Achievement was carried out, represented in our country by the Fundación Paraguaya. These programs aim to motivate innovative thinking in order to train young entrepreneurs, through the introduction to the business world through the creation of ventures, while exploring and improving their career aspirations.

The training was held at the Tom Jobim Theater of the Brazilian Embassy and was aimed at adolescents, students from various schools that are part of the aforementioned programs that reach out to young people thanks to the support of companies that are committed to entrepreneurship and financial education in Paraguay, including Equifax, Visión Banco and Fundación Itaú.

The speakers of the workshops were Mr. Hernán Pariso, General Director of Equifax Paraguay, who talked about topics related to leadership and motivation; Mr. Valentín Rallo, Director of the Marketing agency, Comunicación Integral, who addressed topics about Bussines Branding; and Diana González, from the Fundación Paraguaya, who talked about the Lean Canvas model. The participants took advantage of the moment and did practices on how to develop their business plans.

With these workshops, the Junior Achievement program seeks that young participants get trained on topics that will help them in the development of their projects within the program, in order to obtain more knowledge to put them into practice in the real world, and to have the capacity to be able to develop these entrepreneurial skills at any time of their lives.