Training of the “Companies without poverty” program

Little by little, there are more companies that join the “Companies without poverty” program, which we carry out together with the ADEC (Christian Businessmen Association). Thus, a few days ago, these new organizations participated in the meeting held at the ADEC, as part of the “Companies without poverty” program, those companies were: Casa Grutter, Mayer Lab, Vidriocar, Caja de Jubilados Bancarios, Vima, and Teisa, the latter is a participant company since last year.

The trainings take place every two months and last two and a half days; in them, the companies that are part of the Network and enter as new companies, assign 2 collaborators, normally from the areas of HR, CSR or Organizational Development to be the main link with Fundación Paraguaya and who will take the program forward in their respective organizations.

The themes developed were the following:

. How it affects the quality of life of employees and multidimensional poverty indicators in productivity, work climate, rotation, output and performance.

. Methodology and metrics of the Poverty Stoplight for Businesses.

. Internal communication strategies to implement the program.

. Strategies to form a good team.

. Techniques to obtain data.

. Online and offline platform of the Poverty Stoplight.

. Comprehensive theory by Ken Wilber, which helps to analyze the problem and approach solutions in a more efficient way, as well as Joseph Grenny’s positive influence theory that provides tools for creating solutions for the company’s indicators.

The Companies without Poverty program is built under the identity of each company, with the technical advice of the Fundación Paraguaya, so that they can create the name and image of their program, in order to guarantee that the message, the values and the spirit they want to transmit reach the collaborators.