Alliance between Fundación Paraguaya and Fortaleza

Signing of the FP – Fortaleza SA agreement. The Fundación Paraguaya recently signed an alliance with Fortaleza SA, an agreement consisting of the self-sustaining schools providing corporate gifts to the aforementioned company for their new investors who enter the brick savings and investment system. The corporate gifts will be elaborated by the students of the schools and provided to the real estate company through the signed agreement.

The alliance, among other things, seeks to cooperate and support the self-sustaining schools of the Fundación Paraguaya. The alliance was sealed with the signatures of the Sales Director of Fortaleza SA, Francisco Gómez; and the CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt. The agreement consists in purchasing corporate gifts that contain the products made by the students of the agricultural schools of the Fundación Paraguaya which are: Cerrito, Belén and San Pedro.

The project that unites both organizations seeks to encourage students to continue developing their abilities and attitudes as entrepreneurs, in addition to acquiring job skills and increasing their self-esteem.