Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay 2018 was launched with the “Jaku´e” motto

The Entrepreneurial Education area of Fundación Paraguaya officially launched the Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay (FEP, in Spanish), which will take place on September 21, 22 and 23 at the Cerrito Hotel/Agricultural School. This year’s FEP has the “Jaku’e” motto, alluding to the fact that entrepreneurs must be in constant movement to go forward in the development of their businesses. The launch event was held at the Fundación Paraguaya stand at the Mariano Roque Alonso Expo.

The Forum is developed during an entire weekend where training is carried out, giving the possibility to young people to participate in training activities, competitions and challenges, obtaining new tools to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, participants can enhance their skills through lectures, simultaneous talks, ventures, theme nights and talent nights, among other activities.

What is the FEP?

The Forum of Entrepreneurs Paraguay is an educational activity organized by the Fundación Paraguay since 2000, with the support of the Cerrito Agricultural School, within the framework of the programs of the Entrepreneurial Education area of the organization. More than 3,500 young people have passed through the FEP, who have experienced a unique and unrepeatable weekend.