Fundación Paraguaya and Aldeas Infantiles SOS Paraguay signed an agreement

A few days ago, Fundación Paraguaya signed an agreement with Aldeas Infantiles SOS Paraguay, which aims at working together between both organizations through the development of technical, pedagogical and cultural training programs. The agreement will last for two years and became effective as of the signing thereof.

Luis Fernando Sanabria, General Manager of Fundación Paraguaya, said that they have been allies with Aldeas SOS for a long time, and that the agreement is a formalization of the mutual work they have been carrying out.

Meanwhile, Olegario Olmedo, Director of Aldeas Infantiles SOS Paraguay, highlighted the alliance as a privilege and an honor that allows us to continue carrying out the work with Fundación Paraguaya. “We seek to join efforts to find common activities and integrate them for the benefit of a target population,” he said.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS Paraguay benefits more than 1000 children, adolescents and young people who are in a situation of vulnerability.