Students launch product to protect the environment

Students of the National School “Don Leonardo Rodolfo,” from the city of San Bernardino, who participate in “The Company” program of the Junior Achievement, put their product on the market. Their product is an ecological bag, which looks for people to become aware of the damage caused by the plastic bags to the environment, and especially to the “Ypacaraí” Lake.

According to the students, most of the plastic bags end up being discarded without control, contaminating the cities and the ecosystem, without forgetting that they take more than 500 years to degrade. To carry out their business, they used TNT fabrics, with the aim of making the material reusable, thus preventing people from constantly resorting to plastic bags.

The design was launched with the “Let’s bring the lake back to life” phrase. The students seek that it can position itself in the community and that more people join the cause. The work carried out by these young people was born within the program of The Company, of the Junior Achievement Paraguay, and the need to raise awareness about the need to protect the environment.