“Seeds of the future” Project was launched in Cerrito

As part of the activities of the Cerrito Poverty Stoplight initiative, the “Seeds of the Future” project was launched at the Cerrito Agricultural School and Hotel, which aims to train 125 women artisans from the community of Cerrito. The ladies of the artisan committees attended the activity, as well as some guests such as the Director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt; the Deputy Director of the Agricultural School, Amalio Enciso; and the volunteers of the initiative.

On the occasion, the work carried out during the year was presented in the framework of the initiative, in addition to showing the “Seeds of the future” project from community gardens that includes training to improve food quality, health and empowerment of women and their families, learning to manage productive units of small family gardens and corrals for consumption and rent.

The ladies were very interested in the project and expressed that they would very much like to implement in their communities everything they had learned, always counting on the help and follow-up of experienced people in the area, such as teachers and students of the School.

A tour through the garden of the Agricultural School was conducted after the presentation, where all the attendees were able to observe the work done there by the students, who showed how a successful production can be achieved  by doing a serious and responsible work,.

The trainings of this project will be running during the next weeks. Cerrito Poverty Stoplight has the support of the CAF’s Social Innovation Initiative (Development Bank of Latin America).