Poverty Stoplight

Fundación Paraguaya supports families to improve their quality of life trough an innovative, simple, and easy-to-use methodology to eliminate poverty which is scaling up around the world.


Microfranchises to eliminate poverty

Microfranchises and the Poverty Stoplight as tools to eliminate multidimensional poverty of Paraguayan families.

Applications that make a difference

 See how Foundation Paraguay uses HP’s Visual Survey Platform to improve people’s lives.

Martin Burt: Financially Self-Sufficient Schools and the Poverty Stoplight

ICERI 2014 Keynote Speech
During the past 10 years Martin Burt and Fundación Paraguaya have been experimenting with new education models to address two intractable social problems: access to quality education in poor countries with limited budgets and multidimensional poverty in rural villages and urban slums. After successfully piloting these programs, the financially self-sufficient school model (education that pays for itself) and the Poverty Stoplight is now being adapted to countries in Latin America and Africa, challenging conventional paradigms of how to use education in a sustainable and scalable manner to promote youth employability and eliminate poverty.