A new class of rural entrepreneurs graduate from the Belén Agricultural School

Celebration day at the Belén Agricultural School, where after a difficult year, extremely atypical due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19, 26 young people completed the school year and graduated as Agricultural Promoters. The graduates were accompanied by their families, school authorities, as well as the executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, and the general manager, Luis Fernando Sanabria; the premises of the institution were filled with joy, respecting all the sanitary measures.



In order to obtain the diplomas of Agricultural Promoters, the young graduates presented a business plan as their final work, in a year where the classes were virtual, with the field practices carried out in the students’ homes, with the help of their parents and neighbors and under the supervision of the technicians and teachers of the School, which has had to reinvent itself and sustain itself with the same methodology of “Learning by doing, selling and earning”, despite the physical absence of the students.



“You are the architects of your works, do not be afraid of change, progress, innovations,” said the executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, in his emotional message to the graduates, also stressing the difficult year that they had to experience, where, like the School, they had to change many habits and reinvent themselves.



The students came from various cities, such as Concepción, Horqueta and Pedro Juan Caballero. The progress and evidence of their work would be sent via WhatsApp for the later approval of the teachers. The Fundación Paraguaya granted a credit line for the young graduates to boost their ventures.