A Priceless International Visit

With the help of the Fundación Paraguaya, Howard Blumenthal, the renowned American television and new media producer, author, educator, and executive, visited Paraguay a few days ago; who, among other activities, visited the Cerrito Agricultural School to meet with its students, as well as with young people who take part in the programs of the Entrepreneurial Education area. Blumenthal is a renowned director and television producer with media materials such as MTV, HBO, Disney Channel, Carton Network and Nickelodeon, and on a weekend, he interviewed Paraguayan children from rural areas, as part of his “Kids on Earth” project.



Previously, in a panel discussion called: “Childhood of the 21st century,” the international guest -also an educator and author of more than twenty books,- shared his reflections and conclusions. At the Agricultural School, he met with indigenous students and youth from the Qom community, which represented a new challenge for the filmmaker, due to the language barriers; however, with the help of the Stoplight Initiative coordinators, he was able to make all the interviews. Blumenthal said that he was pleasantly surprised by this experience at the School and in the Cerrito community, thanks to the good predisposition of the children and the adults who accompanied them.


The city of Areguá, capital of pottery and strawberries, was also visited by the filmmaker. There, he met the young entrepreneurs of “La casita del Maní”, a project carried out by the students of the “Luz de Esperanza” Baptist School, which was the winner of the School Enterprise Challenge and recognized at the international level obtaining the first prize of the international challenge of entrepreneurial schools of the “Teach a Man To Fisch” organization. With this venture, the students were able to improve the infrastructure of the school; they were also interviewed to tell their experience as young entrepreneurs, under the guidance of the teacher Lisa Carolina Ríos de Lopes.


“We´re very happy that people of such a high reputation visit us to get to know and strengthen our work, which is why we must also be proud of what we do, each and every one of us with the work we do, contribute to the reputation that our institution has,” said Bruno Vaccotti, communications manager of Fundación Paraguaya.


“Paraguay is a country of which people need to learn more about, I know that because I talked to children living in Paraguay and that’s what they’ve told me, my job is to share their ideas with other children around the world” (Howard Blumenthal_source: Hoy Digital: https://www.hoy.com.py/espectaculos/el-capo-de-disney-cartoon-network-y-nickelodeon-en-paraguayviaje-por-su-culpa)

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