A very special meeting

Martín Burt and Luis Fernando Sanabria, CEO and General Manager of the Fundación Paraguaya respectively, had a very special meeting in the Vatican, with Pope Francis, during an audience in St. Peter’s Square. During a rainy morning, but extremely special because of the importance of the event, both were assisted by the Paraguayan embassy and among other pilgrims; they had the opportunity to exchange words with the leader of the Catholic Church.




As on other occasions, the Pope toured the St. Peters’ Square greeting and blessing the people who were there, then headed to the Altar, where, accompanied by a medieval music band composed of teenagers, children and adults dressed up and playing music of that time, the gospel was read and the Pope gave a brief homily, greeting again people in various languages.




At the time of the audiences, Pope Francis approached the delegations and people waiting for their turns, the Executive Director and the General Manager of the Fundación Paraguaya were in that select group, and upon reaching them, greeted them effusively, also considering the love he has for our country. “When it was our turn, the Pope grabbed our hands effusively, greeted us and heard what Martín (Burt) told him about the book, about the Poverty Stoplight, where we work and how this could contribute to the implementation of the Social Doctrine of the Church, ” said Luis Fernando Sanabria.




Francisco thanked the work done by the Fundación Paraguaya and encouraged to continue working with people to provide a better quality of life. He then continued with the other audiences, closing this meeting, where, in a historic place, the Pope was able to learn about the mission that the Fundación Paraguaya carries out, as well as its leaders.

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