Agreements that provide opportunities for waste pickers

The Fundación Paraguaya and Soluciones Ecológicas, through their alliance, delivered a benefit card to waste pickers who are part of the social enterprise; it is about “Sentí que se puede – tu Club,” a free membership with which they will have access to discounts at participating businesses, health or burial insurance, free movie shows or discounts on accommodation at the Cerrito and Belén Hotels.



The main objective of this benefit is that waste pickers can green their indicators of the Poverty Stoplight tool such as lack of insurance, access to entertainment and ability to plan and budget.



Soluciones Ecológicas and the Fundación Paraguaya have been working on the “Be Green” Program in which waste pickers and their families applied the Poverty Stoplight to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation yielded the indicators that needed to be solved, such as lack of insurance, access to entertainment, and ability to plan and budget.



That is why, as a solution strategy, and through “Sentí que se puede  Tu Club,” an initiative of the Fundación Paraguaya, it seeks to support the strengthening of these indicators and promote the comprehensive growth of waste pickers, getting closer to their realities and facilitate improvement opportunities.