Alliance that seeks to end poverty through sports

Ending multidimensional poverty through sports practice is one of the objectives proposed by the Fundación Paraguaya; for this reason, an agreement was signed with the Juventus Academy Paraguay Project, which is a training program of the Juventus Academy from Turin, Italy. The alliance aims to ensure that children and young people who are part of the programs of the Fundación Paraguaya benefit from the activities that both organizations will carry out together.




This alliance is already generating a positive impact on the young students of the Luz de Esperanza Baptist School, participants of the School Enterprise Challenge, and the boys of the Cerrito Agricultural School of the Fundación Paraguaya, who were awarded scholarships to participate in the Juventus Training Camp, an event where over the course of five days of intense training, they will experience an educational – sports exchange with three trained and experienced Italian coaches, in addition to the local Juventus staff.




This way, the scholarship holders will discover their talent in this sport and add an enriching experience to their lives, having the opportunity to stand out and be one of the three chosen persons for a 7-day trip to the Summer Camp, in Vinovo, Italy.




Soccer without poverty seeks to enter the sports world, as a new alternative to end multidimensional poverty, working with the families of the children and young people of the club’s breeding ground, in order to improve their quality of life, in addition to providing them with the necessary tools so they can empower themselves in any area of their lives.

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