Alliance that will strengthen international projection

In front of diplomats, members and collaborators of the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the alliance sealed between the Fundación Paraguaya and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was presented, which aims at promoting and carrying out the social innovation programs of the Fundación Paraguaya, as well as developing joint actions and international cooperation between both organizations.




The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Antonio Rivas Palacios, signed the alliance along with the Executive Director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, who also made a presentation of the organization to those who were present. “The Fundación Paraguaya is well-recognized at the national and international level, thanks to the development of programs that aim at social inclusion, the eradication of poverty and at education and the construction of a more egalitarian and just society,” said Martín Burt during his presentation.




Meanwhile, Minister Rivas Palacios was pleased with this agreement that will benefit the Paraguayan people. “Today, I wanted to invite you to this event to witness a very significant strategic alliance with the Fundación Paraguaya; the importance beyond the signing of two memoranda of understanding between both actors lies in the will to contribute to the strengthening of the actions aimed at advancing towards the sustainable development of Paraguay,” said Ambassador Antonio Rivas Palacios during the act.




The alliance, signed in Memorandums, has the firm intention of consolidating Paraguay’s role as an international cooperation provider, through the programs of the Fundación Paraguaya that are already being exported all over the world, such as the Poverty Stoplight, Self-Sustainable Schools , Entrepreneurial Education and Microfinance with a social focus.




The time was ripe for a tasting of the Cerrito Agricultural School products, in charge of the students of the institution.

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