Alliance to continue strengthening agricultural education

Fundación Paraguaya, in its eagerness to continue strengthening agricultural education, signed an agreement with the San Carlos Agrarian University, a leading institution in agribusiness studies, with the aim of creating more academic opportunities where, together, both organizations will be able to develop courses, forums, seminars, conferences and work meetings in general, which will give greater and better continuity to the training of graduates of the agricultural schools, especially through the program of Self-Sustainable Agricultural Schools.




In order to achieve this goal, both, the San Carlos University and the Fundación Paraguaya will establish the general guidelines and directives that will be used to initiate, regulate and develop cooperation, in academic programs and activities, always with the mutual interest for both parties, which with this important step taken recognizes that there is a very valuable opportunity space for institutional collaboration.




The signatories were: Luis Fernando Sanabria, general manager of Fundación Paraguaya; and, Arturo Villate, chairman of the board of directors of the University. Both showed their approval and satisfaction for having taken this step, and predicted a promising future with the agreement and did not doubt the success and benefits that both organizations will achieve through it.

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