Alliance with the Municipality of Santa Elena to promote entrepreneurship

The Fundación Paraguaya in its desire to keep collaborating and reaching more parts of the country, signed a new agreement, this time with the Municipality of Santa Elena, with the aim of implementing the Poverty Stoplight in the city, especially with associations of fruit and vegetable producers who are dedicated to the production of tangerin.



The signing of the agreement, which featured the CEO of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt; and the Mayor of Santa Elena, Miguel María Olmedo Leites, was carried out at the headquarters. Back in 2019, the Santa Elena School was the winner of the departmental phase of the School Enterprise Challenge, with the undertaking “La Casita del Bambú” and that motivated families and the community to have the desire to undertake to overcome poverty.



The agreement also aims at converging the wills, resources and capacities of both institutions for the implementation of initiatives to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city of Santa Elena, and for this purpose it is planned to jointly organize and carry out various initiatives.



Some of the axes to be developed will be: quality education, equality in cultural diversity, elimination of poverty (techniques and tools), empowerment, entrepreneurship, innovation, evaluation and measurement of social impact through the use of the Poverty Stoplight. All these actions will be in order to improve the impact of the interventions on the communities and their real needs to improve the quality of life, and the Fundación Paraguaya will supervise and accompany the Municipality of Santa Elena throughout this process.