CEO of Fundación Paraguaya at the HundreEd Innovation Summit

Martín Burt, executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, participated via online in the conference held by the private non-profit organization, HundreEd Innovation Summit, from Finland, and which aims at choosing 100 innovations or initiatives each year related to the school system, driven by organizations around the world.



This year, the Educational Stoplight was chosen as one of the innovations; and the founder of Fundación Paraguaya spoke about it during the virtual meeting with other referents, sharing the impact of the organization’s Self-Sustainable Schools. He also gave a comprehensive view of the situation in our country due to the pandemic, and in the case of the Agricultural Schools, how they had to reinvent themselves to keep operating.



“The School had to re-invent itself, we saw an opportunity in the face of the problem and we carried out new initiatives such as the delivery service in the community, or memberships of the Cerrito products, teachers and students reinvented themselves to keep earning money,” said Martín Burt during his intervention, in a clear example of how, in the face of adversity, new alternatives can emerge. The CEO of Fundación Paraguaya participated in the session called “Quality education for all.”