CEO of Fundación Paraguaya attended the “TEDx Pura Vida” international platform

The executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, attended the “TEDx Pura Vida” event in Costa Rica, together with a wide range of international exhibitors and the Government of that country, who addressed various issues and initiatives focused on processes of innovation in different areas. The event responds to a replica of TED, the talks platform most renowned in the world. The more than 20,000 people who could either see the talks through the networks or participate in the event, managed to be inspired and motivated to take action thanks to the proposals that these speakers gave.



The central axis of the initiatives pointed towards innovation through technology, and in this sense, our Director presented the Poverty Stoplight as a valid tool to improve the quality of life of people and communities: “How about we use technology to empower the weakest and most vulnerable people in the world?,” he challenged the audience.



Before the attention from the attendees at the National Auditorium, he shared experiences on the technological and social innovation that the Poverty Stoplight represents; this digital platform that was created to transform the paradigm on the way in which we measure poverty and that it can be adapted to the reality of all countries and communities. “With the Poverty Stoplight, we promote the use of technology so that people become empowered and able to discover their way out of poverty by themselves,” said Dr. Burt, adding that this tool allows people to self-assess and connect with the paths that allow them to overcome their vulnerabilities.



This “TEDx Pura Vida” edition brought together experts from the most diverse areas to present their innovative ideas. In total, 16 exhibitors participated, seeking to inspire people to innovate with their own experiences. It is a joy for Paraguayans that the ideas of our country are appreciated and valued in events of such magnitude.

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