Cerrito 2019: Innovation to eliminate poverty

For the third consecutive year, Fundación Paraguaya promotes the meeting that bears the name of “Cerrito Forum 2019”, an unprecedented international event in our country, which brings together more than 70 international specialists in various topics related to innovation and development, including Harvard professors and other prestigious universities, as well as companies and organizations.





“Cerrito Forum” seeks to position Paraguay as a benchmark of innovation for the elimination of poverty in the world, where these specialists can share, through practical and innovative proposals, the construction of a world without poverty. This revolutionary initiative has the support of the Social Innovation Initiative CAF (Development Bank of Latin America), The Peery Foundation and the IRDC Canada. The proposal differs from any other type of international conference; the days will be closely linked to working groups, clear proposals and inspirational conversations, where the main driving force is to look forward, connect entrepreneurs with academics, governments with researchers, all focused on eliminating poverty, in all its forms and in a definitive way.





Fundación Paraguaya, recognized as the most innovative organization in Latin America in 2018 by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), brings together more than 70 specialists from more than 30 countries to compare, unite, confront and propose the use of methodologies to eliminate poverty at the local, regional and global levels. Many of the guests will offer workshops on their areas of expertise for the participants, ranging from computer programming from scratch and international scaling of social initiatives.





Martin Burt, CEO of Fundación Paraguaya; Michael Walton, from the Harvard Kennedy; Gary White, CEO and Co-Founder of Water.org; Carolina Robino, from the Canada´s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) ); Jorge Maldonado, from the University of the Andes; Larry Reed, of the Senior Fellow for economic inclusion; Franz Gómez, of the Capital Foundation, among others, are among the exhibitors.





Cerrito Forum 2019 seeks, not only to strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovative system of the country, but to build a reputation for interesting national innovation and also to host people from 5 continents who can leave knowledge installed in our country. 150 compatriots and the 70 foreigners already mentioned, will participate in the event.


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