Cerrito artisans take part in training on production of hygiene products

Artisans from the Cerrito community who are participants of the Stoplight Initiative, took part in a training on the production of hygiene products from the Fundación Paraguaya microfranchise. The activity aimed for women to acquire tools and opportunities to improve their quality of life.



The aim was also for artisans and their families to have a new activity that will allow them to generate income with a feasible business plan, in addition to the sale of their crafts; plus, to promote entrepreneurship and strengthen the empowerment of women.



15 women took part in this training, which was in charge of the family extension agents of the Stoplight Initiative, who also worked on raising awareness to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in addition to other diseases, through the habit of hygiene, especially during this time of health crisis. Extension agents urged artisans to take advantage of this new business opportunity.