Cerrito receives official visit from the Representatives of the Ministry of Children and Adolescents

Alicia Jove, Vice Minister of Regional Development; Eduardo Escobar Said, Vice Minister of Integral Protection; and, Walter Gutiérrez, Vice Minister of Planning, Programs and Projects, all of them from the cabinet of the Ministry of Children and Adolescents, participated in a meeting at the Cerrito Agricultural School to learn about the programs of the Fundación Paraguaya, linked to the National Plan for Children and Adolescents 2020-2024. At all times, the delegation was accompanied by Martín Burt, the executive director of the organization.



With this visit, the Ministry seeks to become familiar with Fundación Paraguaya’s poverty elimination methodologies, to implement them in programs such as Abrazo, in some departments like Caaguazú and Cerrito, and to articulate plans and actions within the inter-institutional agreement between both organizations.



The day included a tour of the School and its introduction, a visit to the Cerrito community -as well as to the Craft Center,-and it involved a family participating from the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative; also, the introduction of the Childhood Plan/Cerrito Stoplight, and the day ended with a lunch. Both parties agreed to continue with the conversations and planning in order to jointly implement the projects.