Companies that measure and manage the well-being of their collaborators

How to keep offering improvement opportunities to employees within the context of the pandemic? What is the role of the Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility (R.S.E. for its acronym in Spanish) areas in all of this?



These are some of the questions posed by the Network of Companies without Poverty in its monthly meetings, where representatives of over 30 national companies meet to question themselves and offer collective solutions to their challenges by sharing experiences, work strategies and what they are doing with the purpose of contributing to a better quality of life for their teams and employees.



A series of conversations and proposals were at the center of the Network´s monthly meeting, which was held last August via Zoom, where representatives of 21 companies addressed the importance of promoting mental health in the workplace and supporting people who suffer from stress, anxiety and other risk situations for their mental health, since all the work and commitment in this area translates into a reduction in work absenteeism, increased productivity and greater economic benefits for the company, as well as satisfaction and well-being of the collaborator.



Taking this context into consideration, a collaborative initiative was designed based on a series of virtual spaces on Mental Health in Organizations, aimed at their collaborators and leaders, where topics such as depression, home office, diversity, stress and anxiety will be addressed. This initiative will be carried out with the support of CONACYT and the Global Compact.



The work done during these meetings allows the planning of responses to the challenges faced, usually, by the areas of HR and R.S.E. in order to guarantee the well-being of the collaborators within the framework of the Stoplight program, for it to have a proactive and learning-oriented approach from the different experiences seeking to strengthen the impact.



The main reflection in each meeting is that the challenges that companies are facing that are generated by the current socioeconomic crisis, should strengthen the commitment to the most important resource they have: their collaborators.