Emprendemos Juntas offers options to empower women

Fundación Paraguaya and the Asociación de Almaceneros del Paraguay (Paraguayan Storekeepers Association) recently signed an alliance, which will implement, through the Emprendemos Juntas program that we take forward with Coca Cola, opportunities for women entrepreneurs belonging to the Association, such as microfranchises and “Feel that you can – Your club,” which grants hundreds of benefits.




Emprendemos Juntas is a program developed by Fundación Paraguaya, implemented since 2017 and which currently benefits more than 3,380 women in search of self-sufficiency, aiming to reach 2,500 more female entrepreneurs this year.




The Asociación de Almaceneros (Storekeepers Association) is a group that has been around for 4 years; its purpose is to unite workers through a representation that allows them to access benefits such as training opportunities, mainly to improve their management. And this is where Fundación Paraguaya emerges, in order to advise and provide them through the courses, that training and services such as the aforementioned microfranchises. All of this will be developed through the Emprendemos Juntas program.




Emprendemos Juntas seeks to train self-driven women entrepreneurs with topics related to finance, business models, costs, taking into account aspects that the participants need. Financial education is another main subject to develop in the training. The program’s main goal is to empower women so that they are the ones who take charge of their home and thus improve their quality of life and that of their families.

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