Ending the year of Emprendemos Juntas through a virtual meeting with the First Lady

The Emprendemos Juntas program ended the year in a virtual audience that was attended by the First Lady of the Nation, Silvana Abdo, the executive director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, and other representatives of the organization and of Coca Cola Paraguay (PARESA). The meeting showed the results of the aforementioned program, which is being developed since 2017 and, above all, how both, the organizations involved, and the participating entrepreneurs had to reinvent themselves to face this year of the pandemic.



“Thanks so much for making us be part of the Emprendemos Juntas program, it meant a lot more this year that caught us by surprise with the COVID pandemic, which affected us all, but especially the most vulnerable sectors of society,” said the First Lady, whose office supported the program. “It is important to stress again the key role of women, that is why we have to appreciate their work, train them and bet on them, which also means betting on the family,” she referred.



For his part, the executive director of Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt, also highlighted the value of women, as well as the support provided by Coca Cola and the Office of the First Lady. “It is very important that women know they are not alone, alliances with Coca Cola, in addition to the support of the First Lady are very important because they allow the accompaniment with trainings to boost businesses and teach them how to save money,” he said. He also added that the modules of the Emprendemos Juntas program are available to the Office of the First Lady. “They are available to everyone, we want this program to reach every woman in Paraguay,” he stressed.



“Emprendemos Juntas is reaching the end of a phase, but our commitment to women is essential within our value chain,” said Francisco Sanfurgo, general manager of Coca Cola Paraguay. The program reached over 6,000 women entrepreneurs across the country.