Executive Director of the Fundación Paraguaya attends meeting with Ministers

The Vice President of the Republic, Hugo Velázquez, summoned the main Ministers responsible for the entire quarantine contingency plan caused by the health crisis, as well as representatives of the civil society, including the Executive Director of the Fundación Paraguaya, Martín Burt. The objective of the meeting, which was held at the Central Bank of Paraguay, was to present an evaluation of the general situation and of the measures adopted by the Government to deal with the pandemic in this first phase, in addition to considering some proposals to boost economic recovery.




In addition to the evaluations made by the Ministers of Health, Finance and Industry, the meeting served to do a follow up on the meeting that took place at the end of March, where the State Reform was proposed to various social actors and business associations, being the Fundación Paraguaya and its Director, proponents of the poverty elimination plan as an integrated part of the Reform. “This is a great opportunity to end the fragmentation of the Paraguayan State, to add a new unit of measure to the State Reform, where the great absence is that of the family, we are talking about improving the offer,” said Martín Burt when he addressed the attendees.




For the founder of Fundación Paraguaya, Paraguayan families must be heard so that they are the protagonists of their way out of poverty. “We have 1,500,000 families in Paraguay, there is the need and efficiency, we can solve this problem knowing exactly what each family needs,” he said. He asked the authorities that this State Reform acquire a human feeling, not to improve the bureaucracy, but to improve the Paraguayans themselves, and that the right choices are made so as not to choose the wrong path again.




The poverty elimination plan prepared by the Fundación Paraguaya and presented by the head of the Senate, Blas Llano to the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, proposes to include in the Reform a program that identifies and lifts 1,500.000 Paraguayan families out of poverty, through the training of 8,000 already existing public officials, called family extension agents, who identify and geo-refer Paraguayan families. This proposal is based on experience using the Poverty Stoplight as an assessment of the multidimensional poverty of families who work with the Fundación Paraguaya, as well as in national companies and organizations, and in over 28 countries around the world, including the government of Ecuador.