Family vegetable gardens as part of the Cerrito Stoplight initiative

The project called “Semilleros del futuro” (Sowers of the future) is being carried out in the community as part of the Cerrito Stoplight initiative,, which consists of the installation of family vegetable gardens for the purpose of self-consumption or sale. This project was presented last year, with the aim of improving food safety and quality, as well as health, in addition to empowering families.



One hundred and twenty-three (123) families from the Cerrito community are involved in the project through training, with the “learning by doing” ideology. They work in small productive units, encouraging family farming with the development of peri-urban vegetable gardens for self-consumption or profit. In addition, transversal axes are strengthened, such as skills in food health, food preparation, financial education, marketing, cost, violence prevention, personal and educational development, hygiene, sexual health, all under the strengthening of confidence in personal achievements.



With these family vegetable gardens, the Stoplight Initiative seeks to empower the families of Cerrito in the installation of vegetable gardens where they can produce their own food, encouraging savings (family), as well as generating a source of extra income, by being able to market the acquired products through their orchards. Members of the Qom community, as well as homemakers, participated in the project, which was supported by the extension agents of the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative.

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