Family vegetable gardens during health crisis through the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative

During this health crisis which has affected many Paraguayan families, the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative has not stopped in its mission to collaborate with the families that are part of it, as well as those that were most affected by the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Extension agents have been working throughout this time, in a virtual way, advising, accompanying and carrying out various activities so that, despite the situation, families could get ahead.



The Cerrito Stoplight Initiative undertook the project “Mejor nutridos cuidamos el planeta” (Better nourished we look after the planet), supported by the “Semilleros del Futuro” (Seedbeds of the Future); in this project, we worked with 117 families, on the indicators of the Poverty Stoplight, “Nutritious Food”, “Entrepreneurial Spirit”, “Diversified Income”, “Ability to Generate Income” and “Garbage Disposal”. During the crisis, the participating families became aware of the importance of good nutrition, in addition to generating their own food, making it a healthy and profitable practice.



At the beginning of the process, one of the difficulties was the lack of basic knowledge (on the part of the families) to start the vegetable garden at home, which was refined with subsequent face-to-face visits and the support of knowledgeable extension agents in the area. Also, project participants took advantage of available courses, such as horticulture, from the TVET Academy, and a field course conducted by the extensionist agent, Zulema Solís.



During this time, those in charge of the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative will continue to provide follow-up and support to families who have not yet been able to start, or in any case, those who find it difficult to move forward with their vegetable gardens.