From the vegetable garden straight to your table

The organic products of the Fundación Paraguaya’s Self-Sustainable Agricultural Schools are reaching more parts of the country during this health crisis. As it is known, they are produced by the students, who in this way learn to undertake and sell, with quality teaching, with the highest quality standards.



The production and sale of these products allow financing the education of young people from rural areas of our country. “Comprehensive education is essential to provide greater opportunities for young people in the future and preparing them to undertake means preparing them for the future; hence, preparing them to change Paraguay,” says Martín Burt, Executive Director of the Fundación Paraguaya.



During this health crisis, Martin Burt toured various communities and cities delivering to the families high quality organic products of the Self-Sustainable Schools, as a way to also keep contacting people, listening to them and supporting them during this difficult crisis.



“The challenges are greater every day, and so are the tools that young people need in order to face this harsh reality that the country is experiencing,” concludes Martín Burt.