Fundación Paraguaya and Coca Cola PARESA join cooperation, together with the First Lady, to boost Emprendemos Juntas

Representatives of the Fundación Paraguaya and Coca Cola Paresa met with the First Lady, Mrs. Silvana Abdo López, with the aim of strengthening and expending the capacities of vulnerable women, through workshops and trainings of the Emprendemos Juntas program.




The objective of the year is to form an alliance with the Government, more specifically with the office of the First Lady (OPD), and thus, join their strength to achieve and empower as many women as possible. “This is a significant time for our present and future”, mentioned the First Lady, referring to the influence and the positive impact that women have on the economy and the education of children and young people.




She also emphasized that all possible means should be used to generate synergy and achieve the objectives. “We should sign an agreement and not disappear, organized a round table and get work done” she underlined. Lastly, she spoke about the way to get organize: “We need to come to an agreement, to define the topics and to create a coalition”, thus confirming her availability to concretize the alliance and work altogether.




Between 2018 and 2019, the program Empredemos Juntas trained more than three thousand women, who learned about household management, entrepreneurship organization, market research, business models, microfranchises and credits. This step is therefore important, since it will generate a higher visibility; there will be more channels to help vulnerable women gaining access to new opportunities.

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