Fundación Paraguaya and Nestlé sign agreement to promote the “Agro Líderes en Acción” program

Fundación Paraguaya and Nestlé, signed a cooperation agreement to promote Agro Lideres en Acción, an empowerment program aimed at young people aged 18 to 29, mainly students and alumni of the Agricultural Schools of Cerrito, who have stood out for their leadership roles within their community; the agreement will also reach residents of the Cerrito community. Luis Fernando Sanabria, General Manager of Fundación Paraguaya; and Adriana Ortiz, on behalf of NESTLÉ, signed the agreement.




This program’s objective is to boost the entrepreneurial skills of young people in vulnerable situations, and identify business opportunities within their communities; thus, strengthening their soft and hard skills to improve their quality of life and that of their families. “As Fundación Paraguaya, we are pleased to work with Nestlé to be able to empower young entrepreneurs with this program, we will empower them and give them the tools to succeed as entrepreneurs,” said Luis Fernando Sanabria. For her part, Adriana Ortiz was also pleased to have taken this step. “Nestlé continues to focus on young people and this alliance with Fundación Paraguaya represents an important step, since we are all entrepreneurs in some way,” she said.




The main topics to be developed are: leadership, financial education, fair trade, business models, clean and sustainable agriculture, which will be implemented in training workshops in various places agreed with registered participants. The program will have 6 theoretical-practical modules, starting in July, and a stage for the selection and preparation of outstanding participants for the Encuentro de jóvenes” (Youth Meeting), organized by Nestlé.




It is important to mention that the development of “Agro Líderes en Acción” will have a very important complement, the e-learning platform TVET Academy, used by the Fundación Paraguaya, a new way of learning that allows permanent access to information, shortening the gap between the field and new technologies, whose mission is to develop innovative solutions, provide quality professional and business training that will allow them to leave poverty behind. Agro Líderes en Acción has clean and sustainable agriculture as its essence.

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