Fundación Paraguaya and the Food Bank Foundation support the so-called “ollas populares”

In the framework of several displays of solidarity in different parts of the country through the “ollas populares” (or community meals), the Fundación Paraguaya and the Food Bank Foundation join forces again, this time, to give support to the people who promote these initiatives. In this context, a cooperation agreement was signed, with the aim of reaching the largest number of ollas populares, to contribute to the food security of thousands of Paraguayans who have been affected by the health crisis caused by COVID-19, by means of solidarity.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Fundación Paraguaya has helped with more than 600 members of the Women’s Committees, one of the programs offered by the organization. Through their own initiative, these women promoted the ollas populares in their communities, in addition to various similar activities in the Paraguayan Chaco, through the Cerrito Stoplight Initiative in Benjamín Aceval where working with families in the area seeks to improve their quality of life by means of the Poverty Stoplight tool.


}For its part, the Food Bank Foundation has helped the communities affected by the health crisis by providing them with food and other essential products. The Food Bank Foundation will make available all the donations it receives, so that the Fundación Paraguaya can help with the logistics of distribution and the collection of supplies (for the ollas populares). The first objective is to be able to make around 200 ollas populares in different parts of the country.


Martín Burt, Executive Director of the Fundación Paraguaya; and Hugo Vázquez, President of the Food Bank Foundation, signed the agreement. In addition to joining efforts and initiatives during the health emergency, both organizations will work on initiatives that give Paraguayan families a better life quality.