Fundación Paraguaya and the Ministry of Education join forces

Days before, Fundación Paraguaya signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education, which aims to promote the School Enterprise Challenge and the Self-Sustainable School model throughout the country. On behalf of Fundación Paraguaya, its general manager, Luis Fernando Sanabria signed the agreement; and on behalf of the Ministry, Minister Eduardo Petta.


During the ceremony, the Minister praised the Cerrito Agricultural School by saying: “I’ve been to the Cerrito School, where the first thing that impressed me was the cleanliness of the place, I knew the hotel, the students guided me through the tour of the productive units, which was also something very remarkable,” said Minister Petta about his visit to the institution.


He also stressed the willingness to install the  School’s self-sustainable mindset to the agricultural youth. “We need this kind of education in our country, we need to teach the young man of the field to earn money; recently, I met a young man from Ybicui whose family has 35 hectares, but he comes to Asunción to clean automobile windshields; this School of yours provides young people with the skills they need to be able to exploit all the talent they have,” he concluded.


With the signing of this agreement, Fundación Paraguaya seeks to reach the largest number of institutions in the country, bring the entrepreneurial mindset to participating students and teachers so they can develop sustainable ventures that lead to generating an income to institutions, seeking the path of self-sustainability.


“We want to implement entrepreneurial thinking in the country’s rural youth, so they acquire the necessary tools to empower themselves and become entrepreneurs in their communities, taking advantage of their skills,” said the general manager of the Fundación Paraguaya, Luis Fernando Sanabria.

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