Fundación Paraguaya arrives to San Lorenzo city

Fundación Paraguaya, a pioneering organization in the development of Committees of Women Entrepreneurs in our country, opened its 25th office in the city of San Lorenzo. The new headquarters is located on 10 de Agosto Street, between Hernandarias and Sargento Silva.  As in all the offices of the organization, the new office complies with all the safety and sanitary measures established by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, with the strong motivation of accompanying entrepreneurs in San Lorenzo.



In its opening week, over 100 disbursements were made to entrepreneurs of the area; where, the Fundación Paraguaya has already been working with more than 2,700 women, underpinning businesses with ongoing accompaniment and advice. “Small businesses are those that have allowed thousands of families to keep on receiving an income during this health emergency, the Fundación Paraguaya has been focused for more than 35 years on changing people’s lives, it was unthinkable for us to take even half a step aside due to this global situation, so we reinforced our commitment to each male and female entrepreneur with whom we work”, said Martín Burt, founder of the organization.



He also said that the Fundación Paraguaya is recognized for its training programs, self-sustaining agricultural schools and for its work methodology with families which is called “Stoplight”. All these benefits are available to the San Lorenzo community.



“San Lorenzo has always been a lung city of the Central department, the cradle of honest and hardworking Paraguayans who yearn to build a better country, and now we want to tell you: We are here for you,” Burt stressed during the opening ceremony. The office is open for entrepreneurs (women and men) of the area, Monday through Friday, 07:30 am to 05:00 pm.