Fundación Paraguaya at the Skoll World Forum on Entrepreneurship

Martín Burt and Luis Fernando Sanabria, executive director and general manager of the Fundación Paraguaya respectively, represented us at the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, in Oxford, England. The event is promoted by the Skoll Foundation, which, since 2005, brings together social leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.


Fundación Paraguaya has been attending this event since its first edition, where our executive director received the most important award of the event, which is why, every year, representatives of our organization participate in the initiative, to inspire and share experiences on social innovations and on what we experience in Paraguay and in the world.


On this occasion, Martín Burt presented to the entrepreneurs around the world the Self-sustainable Agricultural Schools, as a proposal for the emancipation of assistance programs and conditioned aid, as well as a path for the revaluation of family farming.


For his part, Luis Fernando Sanabria facilitated work tables where conversation topics revolved around the development of vulnerable communities, where the task of our manager, plus the experience of the Poverty Stoplight, were able to mark the center of the conversation.


This initiative of the Skoll Foundation aims to incubate business processes and solutions to the main global problems, unite social entrepreneurs in exchange of experiences and generation of synergies. In this edition, entrepreneurs and social leaders from 65 countries participated in this initiative that seeks to change the world.

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