Fundación Paraguaya conducted training for the pollsters of the Itaipú scholarship applicants

Days ago, the Fundación Paraguaya carried out a training for the 35 pollsters who will carry out visits to the homes of applicants for the Itaipú – Becal scholarships. In this process (the pollsters) were trained in the application of the Poverty Stoplight, to record the socioeconomic evaluation of young people and their families.



The socioeconomic profile of the applicant will be evaluated, and for this, aspects that limit access to university education will be incorporated, based on the objective of including within tertiary education to the outstanding young people who come from families with limited economic resources.



During the three-day training sessions, technicians of the Fundación Paraguaya developed with the pollsters the topics of the focus of the survey, observation exercises, practices with the Poverty Stoplight tool and simulation of work in the field.



The application of the survey in the applicants’ homes will begin at the end of January and will have constant follow-up and monitoring by the Poverty Stoplight area of ​​the Fundación Paraguaya. It will last for one week.