Fundacion Paraguaya leads a volunteer program in Paraguay

The world is facing an alarming situation derived from the Covid-19 health emergency, characterized by a halt in the economic activity and an enormous uncertainty, which will jeopardize the survival of many small businesses and a large number of jobs.



Youth Business International, an NGO that is present in over 50 countries and helps young entrepreneurs with their business ideas, is promoting SOS Mentoring, a volunteer program in which experienced professionals help freelancers and small businesses to make the necessary decisions to face this crisis, projecting the continuity of their companies and maintaining employment. The mentors of the program are businesspersons and managers, who have already overcome more than one crisis, and who are committed to sharing their time and experience to help the most vulnerable entrepreneurs, to face the coronavirus crisis, without expecting anything in return.



According to Anita Tiessen, CEO of Youth Business International, “the generosity, solidarity and experience of the network of over 15,000 YBI volunteer mentors will allow over 30,000 entrepreneurs from 50 countries to limit the impact of the crisis, ensuring the continuity of their business and maintaining employment. ” The beneficiaries are self-employed and the heads of small businesses that are facing an emergency which has never been experienced before, and who need support to finance and restructure their companies to reorient and digitize their business models.



SOS Mentoring is a personalized support process, aimed at properly diagnosing the business situation of the beneficiaries, and at preparing and implementing an action plan to overcome the crisis by strengthening their entrepreneurial skills and offering emotional support at all times. Mentoring consists of online meetings held weekly or biweekly over the course of 3 months, always depending on the needs of the beneficiaries and attending to the availability of volunteer mentors.



Fundacion Paraguaya, member of YBI, leads SOS Mentoring in Paraguay, and invites public administrations, business organizations, large corporations and entrepreneurs to join this collective initiative with the aim of saving the maximum number of businesses and jobs from the Covid-19 crisis in Paraguay. According to Martin Burt, executive director of the Fundacion Paraguaya, “the voluntary nature of the mentors allows free service for the beneficiaries and the scalability and sustainability of the program”.



Trainings will start on June 17; all those interested can access the following registration link: In addition, all those interested can contact 0975 904862, or email to