Fundación Paraguaya receives an appreciation from the Ministry of Labor

Fundación Paraguaya received a new appreciation before the end of the year; on this occasion, by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, which distinguished the organization for being one of the 100 largest formal employers who are committed to employment and its sustainability. The Foundation currently has 24 regional offices distributed throughout the country, in addition to its two Self-sustaining Agricultural Schools in Cerrito, Benjamín Aceval and in Belén, Concepción.



At the country level, the year 2020 was particularly challenging; the health crisis that affected the whole world did not go unnoticed in the Fundación Paraguaya, which despite everything, knew how to reinvent itself and keep its whole team of collaborators with new strategies and initiatives to continue supporting and working with its clients and entrepreneurs, as well as in the Schools.



In this way, the jobs of the 398 collaborators were kept, who day by day give their best to change the lives of thousands of families throughout Paraguay and abroad.