Fundación Paraguaya receives important international recognition

The Fundación Paraguaya won the first place in the international contest carried out by the Viva Idea organization, the “VIVA – Schmidheiny” Awards. Viva Idea is an organization that works in four impact areas in Latin America: sustainability and social progress, social entrepreneurship, impact investment and collective action, seeking to be a catalyst for the transformation towards a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable Latin America.



The award given to Fundación Paraguaya, where it competed with 618 other organizations in Latin America, is part of an annual contest that challenges social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations with great positive impact in Latin America. It is a recognition of the 35 years of work of the Fundación Paraguaya in its search for a true social transformation in the country, which focuses on the elimination of poverty through its four programs, microfinance with social impact, self-sufficient agricultural schools, entrepreneurial education and the Poverty Stoplight. More than 500 collaborators are part of the organization, who day by day seek to improve and change people’s lives.



“The interview with the members of the jury was very motivating, everyone knew about a program of the Fundación Paraguaya that is being implemented in other countries. We are proud to take the Paraguayan flag to different parts of the world,” said Martín Burt, executive director and founder of the Fundación Paraguaya.


“Every family that gets ahead is a driving force that we have to keep building a better Paraguay. We have a strong vocation to listen to families, work with them and for them, building innovative and actionable solutions together, those have been the differentiating factors of our organization over the years”, he concluded.