Fundación Paraguaya signs agreement with Universidad Americana

Fundación Paraguaya signed a new agreement with the Universidad Americana; an alliance of academic, scientific, cultural and professional collaboration as well as that of service between both organizations. The event was held within the framework of the Mariano Roque Alonso Expo, where Fundación Paraguaya has had its stand for the fifth consecutive year in the Pavilion of the Paraguayan Industrial Union.





This agreement will mark, among other things, that the signatory institutions will be united by a community of mutual interests and objectives in teaching, internship, research and university extension, among other things, because it is precisely the University, a research laboratory due to its essence, educational purpose and objectives. Communication channels will be established with the Fundación Paraguaya that will allow the exchange of scientific and cultural knowledge.





The aim is also to carry out joint research projects, programs for postgraduate studies, exchange of information related to each organization, structure and functioning, as well as the development of educational programs as a whole.





With the agreement, Fundación Paraguaya continues to show its interest in reaching more sectors of society, making alliances that can benefit more young people and their families, in order to find among all the actors of the community, the way to effectively improve the quality of life of Paraguayan families.





“This is a very important step for us, we can carry out many entrepreneurship projects with Fundación Paraguaya, take advantage of our mutual support, share our knowledge, get involved in issues that we have wanted to develop for a long time now and with the support of the organization (Fundación Paraguaya), we will be able to do so” said Sergio Duarte, rector of the Universidad Americana.





For his part, Bruno Vaccotti, communications manager, and who was there on behalf of Fundación Paraguaya, was also satisfied with this agreement. “We see this agreement as something highly positive, I have no doubt that we will carry out many initiatives together and that it will surely benefit both institutions,” he said.

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