Fundación Paraguaya supports inclusive recycling

Fundación Paraguaya reaffirmed its commitment to promote awareness of the importance of separating recyclable waste from the beginning, by signing an agreement with Soluciones Ecológicas, and launching the EcoPunto at the headquarters. It is a three-compartment container that will help recyclers to more easily identify and extract deposited recyclable waste such as plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard and packaging for its subsequent recycling process.



Also, through this agreement, Soluciones Ecológicas will be able to implement the Poverty Stoplight among recyclers and their families, and thus be able to jointly draw up a planning to improve the indicators (red and yellow) that are necessary to have a better quality of life. Fundación Paraguaya, through its technicians, will give the corresponding training on the use of this tool, and the subsequent monitoring of the development of the plan developed.



EcoPunto is a project that, in addition to fulfilling its recycling objective, provides information and training, works with urban recyclers, seeking to contribute to the environment. The signatories of the agreement were: on behalf of Fundación Paraguaya, its CEO, Martín Burt; while Carlos Jara on behalf of Soluciones Ecológicas as its Director. The recycler Casimiro Gómez was also present. After the signing, the attendees came to the EcoPunto to witness a demonstration of its adequate use.