Fundación Paraguaya with active participation in the selection of scholarship recipients

After a process of almost two months, Itaipú selected 764 scholarship recipients who passed the basic skills exam and socioeconomic evaluation. Fundación Paraguaya had an active participation in this process, from the previous training of the interviewers, to the follow-up and monitoring in the field, during the visit to the homes of the young applicants where the respective evaluations were carried out.



“We believe it was successful process, since we managed to cover all the places that were in it to carry out the surveys,” said Nancy Ramos, Methodology Manager at Fundación Paraguaya. The pollsters previously contacted the applicants to coordinate the visits to their respective homes, where 86.34% were from urban areas and 13.66% were from rural areas.



The latest surveys were conducted in the districts of Alto Paraguay, Curuguaty and Canindeyú, thus completing the process of data collection and documentation of the applicants. “In total, 973 applicants were interviewed, and the process then continued with the analysis of the data collected,” said Ramos.



In total, 35 professionals carried out the verification during February, in various parts of the country, covering, in addition to the aforementioned locations, the Central, Capital, Paraguarí, Itapúa, Alto Paraná, Concepción, San Pedro, Caaguazú, Cordillera and Presidente Hayes departments.



The evaluation was based on the Poverty Stoplight methodology and Fundación Paraguaya participated for the first time in the selection process, contributing with its experience in working with Paraguayan families.