Global Stoplight Community, challenges, and solutions to end poverty

The Global Stoplight Community is made up of a group of organizations that implement the Poverty Stoplight, seeking to understand the challenges of multidimensional poverty and propose solutions to eliminate it around the world. It meets to develop plans, exchange experiences and get up to date on the different approaches and initiatives, and share practices to promote the improvement of the Stoplight indicators.



Currently, the Community has members from 31 countries who have adapted the Stoplight to their local context. As part of the collective learning, Fundación Paraguaya has also been able to improve its activities through experiences from abroad, an example of this is the SIGNAL organization, from the UK, which began to facilitate Stoplight surveys with the accompaniment of mentors, and inspired Fundación Paraguaya to start surveys and mentoring via Facebook.



As for the challenges, there are many that are assumed by the members of the Community, such as the difference in stages in which each of the partners are (training, adaptation, implementation). Another important fact is that there are also two different models, Hubs and Special Projects: the Hubs are strategic partners that represent and distribute the Stoplight in a specific geographic area, they have sufficient capacity to get and train other organizations to integrate this tool into their programs; meanwhile, Special Projects are organizations that implement the Stoplight within their programs, and unlike the first, they do not represent or distribute the Stoplight, but rather work to activate the potential of their collaborators, clients or beneficiaries.



The different actions are organized through information channels: Stoplight Meet (monthly meetings), monthly newsletters, websites, WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups, as well as an annual face-to-face meeting.

Thus, the Stoplight Community -of which one can be a member by establishing an alliance with the Fundación Paraguaya or the Poverty Stoplight office in the United States,- advances towards new stages, projections and challenges, to become a global movement for the elimination of poverty.