Government of Ecuador will apply the Poverty Stoplight to improve the quality of life of rural families

Lourdes Agüero and Lili Duarte, from the Poverty Stoplight of the Fundación Paraguaya, visited Ecuador to train its government in the implementation of the tool that will be applied in rural areas. To improve the quality of life of the population of the agricultural sector, a pilot plan was launched for the application of the Stoplight in 300 families of the “El Oro” province, until September, anticipating reaching 1000 (families) by the end of the year. This technical work from the Stoplight’s team of Fundación Paraguaya -adaptation of the indicators (of the Stoplight) to the Ecuadorian rural context- was possible thanks to the support of the CAF (Development Bank of Latin America).





The Poverty Stoplight is a social innovation methodology that is used through technology, where indicators by colors are defined in order to measure the degree of poverty of families, in this case, rural ones. “The producer himself will make a measurement of his space; this tool is very useful, it is used by private and public companies, and we are going to transform a production concept and thus improve his quality of life,” said Lourdes Agüero, from the Stoplight area of Fundación Paraguaya.




The ministries that take part in this pilot plan are: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Ministry of Social and Economic Inclusion. “We have several systems to measure poverty, but they often generate fatigue; today, with this innovative tool, real actions can be implemented directly by families,” said Johanna Morales, representative of the Ecuadorian government.




The Ministry of Agriculture that leads this project, says that the application of the Stoplight will focus on the population that is within the poverty group in Ecuador, which reaches 40%, and extreme poverty, which reaches 17, 7% of the rural population, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC, for its acronym in Spanish). “Let’s do our best, is a high-impact project for Ecuador, inter-institutional work will allow for the Poverty Stoplight to have the success we all hope for,” said Byron Flores, Vice Minister of Agricultural Productive Development.




By diagnosing the situation of each family through the Stoplight survey, an action plan will be created that will implement specific actions according to the needs of each family to achieve their short and mid-term goals.

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